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Birth Time Rectification

Vedic Astrology requires an exact birth time in order to work properly.  That is to say, you need the time of a person’s birth in order to cast a complete natal chart that includes all of the factors that an astrologer would normally take into account in a typical delineation.
While it is still possible to do some interesting things with just a person’s date of birth, even if you don’t have a birth time, in most cases it is highly desirable to have at least an approximate time of birth before attempting to interpret a birth chart.
When a birth time is not known or recorded for a person, sometimes astrologers will attempt to deduce the time of birth by studying events in the person’s life and trying to match up their chronology with one of the possible charts for that day.  This process of reverse engineering the birth time based on known events in a person’s life is called rectification.

What is the need for Birth Time Rectification:
One of the intricate things in astrology is predicting the birth chart without knowing the time of birth. Rectification is the process of mathematical correction to determine the correct birth time.  Rectification is a tool that makes certain about this and it is also useful in adjusting a known birth time as in many cases the actual birth time recorded has been rounded up or may be delayed by 5 or 10 minutes.  In case if it would have been rounded up, If the time of birth is falling under junction of two signs then the only solution is rectification.  Why rectify? If you have an accurate birth time then you will get more accurate predictions - from transits and progressions. If you have no birth time then you will get an inaccurate interpretation.  An accurate birth time is a must to get exact predictions from birth charts.

How Birth Time Rectification:

You should give your mental tendencies, habits, Physical structure, Complexion, approximate time of birth, morning or noon or evening or night or midnight or early morning, family co-borns, or birth order and your situation with important ten questions.

In a day every two hours lagna (of 30degrees) is changing.  So if one who know date, month ad place of birth and do not know accurate birth time will face inaccurate prediction.  A whole day consists of one star and one rasi but 12 lagnas.  So lagna is the most important in the matter of predicting future.  Birth lagna is determined only with birth time. After judging your mental tendencies, habits, physique structure, complexion, birth order of your co-borns, approximate time and with your ten questions we will calculate your correct birth time and lagna.

We require important life events which could had brought positive or negative effects in your life as these events are a help tool into preparation of this report. These events could be such as:

Winning or inheriting some wealth or fortune.
Distinguished promotions in business, work.
Status of Education (higher degrees).
Timing for Marriage.
Any accidents and occasions.
Big lottery wins.
Unexpected and happy meetings and so on
Purchase of Property/Vehicle
Change of place of resident can also be an important life event

The technique of rectification of birth time gives excellent results and establishes astrology as a science.  This is one of the tools which becomes base and helps us in identifying significant events.

Our report will give you:

The right Astrological birth time by analysis of the horoscope with regards to major events of your life Conclusion with the right birth time for better predictions for future readings.


Now ask any five questions related to your Query

Package cost : Rs. 2100/- (convert it in your currency)

Delivery Mode : Digital (email) or Through Telephone

Shiping Location : World wide

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