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Corporate Astrology

Acharya Pawan Kumar is engaged with many companies, small, medium and top level businesses of the world as an astrological strategy advisor to provide them strategies & analytical solution and guidance to bring them greater height of success into their businesses through his razor-sharp knowledge and more than 15 years of active practice of Astrology-Vastu along with sound understanding of modern corporate world.

More than 500 people have benefited from his unique style of guidance and rose to billionaire from scratch. More than 20 big corporate houses are continuously taking guidance from him at all levels of their performance.

Either you grow or perish is the modern mantra, so role of Corporate Astrology guidance has become more important for maximizing efforts and attaining global leadership. ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ may be an eye opener.

All planets work in synchronization to perform a common goal of grand Success, with different proportion and attribute. For example:

1. Sun- Best leadership quality for planning, organizing and monitoring the area of operations.
2. Mercury- Best analytical power to take best decisions in the existing circumstances.
3. Venus- Supportive personality for other members of the team.
4. Sun and Jupiter- Intuitive power in managerial decision making, trustworthiness.
5. Moon- Best coordination and amicable atmosphere of company.
6. Mars- Vigor and Stamina required for the implementation of the project.
7. Jupiter- Mentoring and senior line managers, proper delegation.
8. Rahu- Quantum jump and modern wisdom for corporate success with high degree of permutation combination.

None of the present management or scientific tools can substitute the analysis of Astrology in relation to head hunting, financial strategy, timing of events etc. It gives you a significant insight, you can’t overlook.

‘Who says elephant can’t dance?’, ‘Good to great’, ‘Execution: The discipline of getting things done’, The seven habits of highly effective people’, ‘Think and grow rich’, ‘The sky’s the limit’ ‘Illusions’, ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘How showmanship sells’- the list is endless and so is the authors- Napoleon Hills, Richard Bach, Knute Rockne, Louis Gerstner, Dale Carnegie, Jim Collins etc. These motivations have a limited role to play in turning around any corporate move. But role of Astrology is organic in nature and comprehensive to make favourable things happen.

HR Compatibility report
Are your company is suffering from attrition problem? Or employers are not performing? How to avoid confusions between company and employees? Analysis will decipher whether the person is worth it, destined to succeed in life, honest, mentally and emotionally stable, professionally inclined, hardworking, growth oriented and competent or... is a greedy and selfish corporate jumper. The combinations of planets and their comparative strength will analyze personality traits like an open book. To my mind, it is the only dependable screening system for your workforce.

New Venture-Analysis and Strategies
Want to start new business? Are you worried about how and what to start and what should be the strategies? Consult Acharya Pawan for the solution in strategies and analysis based on planetary analysis and interpretation on modern line.

Existing business-Analysis and Strategies
Worried about losses? Not getting enough profit from your current business? Get astro analysis and strategies from worlds renowned astrologer and bring your business to new success. It is pertinent to mention that it is on account of planetary forces that certain companies fail miserably and others prosper well.

Auspicious Name, Brand, Logo etc.
Corporate name/s for the company or business, suitable brand names of products, most auspicious time to launch production/distribution/services etc., the corporate color which are lucky to the organization, fonts and colors of stationery products etc. to improve the positive impact of celestial system.

Timing of Initial Public Offer/Project Finance
Bringing out the IPO or project finance proposal is the key to success and one should see all the pros and cons. It calls for tactical analysis so that the efforts put in for the IPO or seeking project finance from institutions are successful. For this the horoscope analysis of the key persons of the project becomes necessary besides the scanning of the environment in general.

Diversification and Restructuring-Analysis
Only Change is permanent. Change is induced by macro and micro financial developments, technological developments and advancement in business modules. For persistent and long term success story diversification and restructuring of business are very important. Here also the astrology plays an important role. FACTORS RULING SUCCESS is hidden in thorough analysis of promises made by Astrology.

Acquisition and Merger-Analysis and Strategies
Astrology provides the strength and weakness analysis of the planetary influences in the birth chart of the Directors or Chief Executive or the Members of the Top Management Group explaining which planets are weak and are causing problems, and which are the positive areas of the chart that indicate success and can be exploited for greater benefits in acquiring any sick or other enterprises. The ancient knowledge also makes suggestions for improvements through Vastu techniques and astrological remedial measures while handling acquisition and merger.

Discuss any Issue
Corporate Astrology is the concept successfully developed and applied by me though the signification of certain commodities, rather, every thing is attributed to the Planets envisaged by our sages. However, the principles written by our sages need to be interpreted with reference to modern times. It applies on companies, firms, institutions, organizations etc. It is pertinent to mention that it is on account of planetary forces that certain companies fail miserably and others prosper well.

The consultancy fee for these services depends on case-to-case basis. For details contact: e-mail :

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