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Sade Sati  

Sade Sati is a very horrible word for general people. It strikes great fear in many hearts when they listen about sade sati of planet Shani popularly known as Shani Maharaj. More recently a group of Astrologers have started harvesting by fear causing tactics. I do understand the potential negative outcome of sade sati and do not want to minimize its bad influence while explaining any such chart but at the same time it is irresponsible attitude if it is not told to client that effects are conditional and does not apply on all charts uniformly. I am also not in favour of sugar coating its negative influence. So a rational and balanced approach is required.

What is Sade Sati
When, Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon (where one's Moon is placed in the birth chart), this is termed Sade sati. Saturn takes 2 ½ years to pass through each sign (30 years to make one round of the zodiac), its passing through 3 signs make it 7 ½ years. Sade means "half" and Sati translates to "seven" and hence the name Sade Sati. There is a general belief that Sade Sati period brings dissatisfaction, disappointments, depression, differences, disputes, disharmony and undesirable results, but actually this is not the case. Saturn does not always behave this way and it really depends on individual's chart. If Saturn happens to be a yogakaraka in the horoscope and involved in good yogas then the transits are not as bad and vice versa. This is also dependant on the Astakavarga strength of a sign. If in the sarvastakavarga, the number of dots are lesser than optimum and/ or in Saturn's astakavarga the dots are lesser than 4, the period becomes tough. Most of the people go through 2-3 periods of Sade Sati in their life time, 4 periods are very rare.

Sade Satti Influence
While it is true that during this 7-1/2 years Saturn transit period people do experience some tensions and troubles, it is nothing to be scared about. Even while giving some troubles and tensions, it does not deny you success. As a matter of fact a number of people prosper to new heights during this period. Sade sati is about doing one's obligatory duties without considering likes and dislikes. One who does this forever is least effected by Sade Sati and in fact gains during this period. However if anyone is arrogant, egoistic, unsympathetic, and non-hard working then he is targeted during the person's Sade Sati and can make him go through a lot of hardships. When I suggested one of my clients to observe humanitarian attitude towards workers and refrain from socially immoral acts in the wake of incoming sade sati, he could not resist himself in following all his old habits. He suffered a lot on account of sade sati. Moreover, he blamed me and Astrology for not getting any relief in sade sati. Mind it, if you follow social and moral norms, your suffering will be minimum.

Three Cycles of Sade Sati
First cycle of Sade-sati generally affects close relatives more than the native. The 2nd cycle influences the domestic front as well as the business front, and the 3rd cycle affects children, family, health, and physical suffering or may even indicate the death of the native or near death situation.

1st Cycle: In the first cycle, when Saturn transits 12th house from moon for 2 and a half years, the evil results are felt by the parents and near relations of the native. The health of grandmother can be affected and may result in her death. The eyesight of the native can be affected necessitating the use of spectacles. Saturn here creates extra expenditure.

The position of Saturn may affect the financial position. As Saturn aspects second house, it may retard environmental activities. If in a birth chart, Saturn is passing through the last phase of life, it may force native to get renunciation. In addition to the above during this period, the father of native may have set back or reversal, loss etc. in his profession and will lead to an extra, unwanted and uncalled for expenditure which may become unbearable for the native.

2nd Cycle: During this cycle, Saturn transits the moon sign for 2 ½ years. During this period, it affects the native himself in domestic and professional fields. It also denotes ill health and death of some relations, fear from enemies, journey to distant places and separation from relations like brothers, sisters, wife or family etc. It may cause imprisonment, miseries, loss of wealth, fatigue and general debility, loss of friends, obstructions and delay in undertakings, failure in attempts and increased expenditure.

3rd Cycle: When Saturn transits in 2nd house from Moon, third cycle of Sade Sati starts. It affects one?s health; children and it may even cause death if it comes late in life. During this transit, loss of health, happiness, loss of position, increased expenditure, financial stress and physical weakness might be felt. If there is any gain of wealth from others, then the same will be lost, and one can also get deception through wicked men. May cause death of children too if other combinations are present to confirm the same.

Many believe that Sade Sati is the debt of karma, which each individual has to pay in his life. Still, astrologers suggest certain remedies to lessen the ill effects of Sade sati. Visiting Hanuman Temple, to offer tribute to deity who won over Shani Maharaj is one such popular remedy. Charity of black lentil and oil is also a widespread action to pacify Saturn.

Sade sati is the astrological phenomenon during which the effects are felt by the individual and his/her relatives. It is not a phase to be scared of. The biggest advantage of sade sati is that it teaches us important lessons in life which if learnt properly makes up the basic foundation of every success and achievement, we make henceforth. Laziness and wrong attitude has to be discarded as the repeated failures teach us. The unwanted and unnecessary things are discarded. It is also the time to take a detachment from materialistic success and failures, instead of worrying over them. Sade sati gives perfect opportunity to be in touch with our spiritual self. In the long run, any person who value higher learning in life and accomplishments obtained after a series of trials will think that the existence of Sade Sati has made his life more meaningful.

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