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Vastu Tips  

Vastu is the art to know how to plan architectural spaces based on magnetism, solar radiation and cosmic energy. It is always advisable to act according to Vastu while planning space and our life style. The life in a Vastu compatible home or office is better because the natural environment is in harmony with our space within which we spend our time. Space (i.e. our home/office), life (our emotions/thoughts) and planning (i.e. how we create interior and exterior structures/place furniture) is all interconnected by a matrix of co-existence. None of these are exclusive of each other; but interdependent and also it depends on the horoscope of the owner/inhabitant.

The energy principle of Quantum physics theorizes that energy is transmitted partly as particles and partly as waves; hence determining perfect outcomes is next to impossible. Heisenberg?s uncertainty principle and the study of electromagnetic and cosmic rays confirmed this new discovery about the dual nature of energy.

General Tips

East: Located at the Right shoulder of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is King of Gods (Indra). Ruling planet of this direction is Venus and related chakra is Throat Chakra. This is the place for dining hall, open spaces, meditation room. Avoid toilets, kid's room in this direction. Use warm colours like orange and yellow in this direction.

North: Located at the shoulder of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Wealth (Kubera). Ruling planet of this direction is jupiter and related chakras are all meridians between eyes. This is the place for entrance and treasury. Avoid toilets and fire places in this direction. Use light blues, indigos, purple and pale colours in this direction.

West: Located at the left ankle of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Water and rain (Varun). Ruling planet of this direction is saturn and related chakta is above abdomen. This is the place for services,toilets and bedrooms. Avoid study rooms, meeting area and important rooms in this direction. Use peach, dull white, light green in this direction.

South: Located at the ankle of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Dharma and Death (Yama). Ruling planet of this direction is mars and related chakra is muladhara chakra. This is the place for bedrooms, stones, dead stock and grain store. Avoid living rooms in this direction. Can use any colour in this direction.

Centre: Located at the Right arm and thigh of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Fire (Agni). Ruling planet of this direction is moon and related chakra is Triple Heater. This is the place for kitchen, Fireplace and electrical equipments. Avoid water bodies, kid's bedroom, young couple's bedroom in this direction. Use warm colours like orange,red and yellow in this direction.

North East: Located at the heart of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Ishaanya. Ruling planet of this direction is mercury and related chakra is Vishuddha chakra. This is the place for meditation, introspection, wels, underground tank and boring wells. Avoid heavy objects and structures, master bedrooms, toilets, kitchen and impure spaces in this direction. Use bright yellow and bright white in this direction.

North West: Located at arm and thighs of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Wind (Vayu). Ruling planet of this direction is ketu and related chakra is Swadishthan/ Anahata chakra. This is the place for office and account area. Avoid tall structures and tall trees in this direction. Use light blue and dull white in this direction.

South East: Located at the Right arm and thigh of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Fire (Agni). Ruling planet of this direction is moon and related chakra is Triple Heater. This is the place for kitchen, Fireplace and electrical equipments. Avoid water bodies, kid's bedroom, young couple's bedroom in this direction. Use warm colours like orange,red and yellow in this direction.

South West: Located at the feet of Vastu Puraush, the ruling god of this direction is Demons(Nirtti). Ruling planet of this direction is Rahu and related chakra is Muladhar chakra. This is the place for master bedrooms and store rooms. Avoid pits, wells,septic tank, toilets or bathrooms in this direction. Use all earth colours, bright red and purple in this direction.

General Tips: Commercial

Building's height can be either equal from all sides, or South-Western sides should be taller in height as compared to East and North.

Stair cases or lift should always be provided in South-West part of the building Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in Northwest side of buildings. North East should be avoided for parking.

Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in North East, North and East also. Here only small plants can be grown. Big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.

Guard Room should be placed so that approaching persons, vehicles etc. are visible without any obstruction. North East direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin.

Staff canteen may be placed in South East.

Make adequate provision for sunlight and proper cross ventilation system.

Plot/ Land:

Square or rectangle shaped plot is excellent for profitable business.

Plots having hexagon, octagon or polygon shapes should be avoided because these are not good for construction.

Circular plots/buildings are recommended for temples, hospitals and sport stadium

Triangular plot is only suited for restaurant, as triangle represents fire.

The plot wide at front and narrow at the back (Singhmukhi) is good for commercial purpose.

Basement should not be built at the center of the plot.

Plot should be highest in south-west and lowest in North-east. Boundary walls in south and west should be heavy and taller than walls in north and east.

Various obstructions such as big trees, pillars and posts, wells in front of the plot entrance should be avoided.


A temple in the North East corner should be built and should always be kept clean and less loaded.

All surplus stores should be in South or Southwest side.

Pantry and toilets should not be in north-east, centre and south-west zones.

Entrance to your office should be receptive. It should be vibrant and bright.

Receptionist should face East direction and visitors should face South or West direction.

Operations department should be in South West, financial department in North East, legal in South East, marketing department in North West and Production in Centre/West.

Avoid too many columns and floor levels in production hall or administrative building.

Clean your office regularly and keep a regular check on junk, leaking taps, broken windows, rusted items etc.

Ensure that employees do not sit facing each other or very close to exit door. Also, never sit under a beam or very near to column.

The shape (Geometry) of any cabin should be regular, i.e., square or perfect Rectangle.

CEO cabin should not be at the end of a corridor. CEO should sit on a high back chair with a wall behind.

CEO Cabin should be in the South West corner of the Premises. Senior's Cabin should be in West or South area. While working the person should face East or North direction.

General Staff should sit in the North, Center, East and North-East area of the office premises. Staff should preferably face East direction or may face North direction.

The doors should be pushed inside while entering into a cabin.


Accounts and computer should be in the North, East and South-East area of the shop.

Center area should be made into circulation space. The sales counter will always face the road or the entry for small shops, such as grocery etc.

There should not be any obstacle in front of any door opening. South or West facing shops should avoid having entry from southwest corner. The shape (Geometry) of any shop should be regular, i.e., square or perfect Rectangle.

Levels should be kept so that south side is always higher than north. The process flow (from godown to dispatch area) should be in clockwise direction. The best direction for dispatching goods is North West. North East should be avoided.


Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors etc should be either on the roads or should be parked in South West zone inside premises.

Heavy plants and machineries should be in West, South and South West zones. North East and centre of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machineries.

All electric products like Generator, boilers, ovens, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in South East.

The process flow (from godown to dispatch area) should be in clockwise direction. The best direction for dispatching goods is northwest. North East should be avoided.

The drainage system should be towards the northeast direction.

Make sure that the main gate is higher than other doors.

Vastu Tips- Residential

Plot/ Land

While selecting a plot, observe the color of its soil, vegetation (if any), and structures around the plot. Reddish brown soil is considered the best followed by yellowish brown. Dark, pungent smelling or clayey soil is not preferred for construction.

Vegetation on the plot is a good sign of fertility of soil and would be beneficial for the buyer.

Square plots are ideal, followed by rectangles for residential purpose. Ratio of width and length should not be more than 1:2 in rectangular plot.

The plot narrow at front and wide at the back (Gomukhi) is also good for residential purpose.

Plots having an extended NE (North-East) corner is lucky.

Plot facing East is good for Educationists like scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.

Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and in government service.

Plot facing South is good for business class people.

Plot facing West is for those who provide services to the society.

Buying a small plot between two large should not be considered as the progress of the members residing can be retarded in such situation. Similarly, buying a land between two high rise buildings is also not advisable.

The East and North facing plots are auspicious for house construction. Care should be taken while designing the house facing West and South direction.

A plot with roads on all sides is auspicious, plot with parallel roads is also lucky.

Plot with a sump in North, East or North-East is considered good. Sump in South, West or South West should be avoided.

Plot with a mount in South, West or South West is considered good. Mount in North, East or North-East should be avoided. Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, northeast directions while small plant can be grown in these directions.

Care should be taken while designing that the shadow of any tree should not fall on the house.

At the time of purchasing the adjacent plot purchase only east, north or north-east plots.

Living Room:

The living room can be in the northeast for a north or east facing house. For a west facing house, the living room can be in the northwest. For a south facing house, one can settle for a southeast living room.

Exposed beams in the living room cause discord, friction and difference of opinions among the family members or the guests. Reason being that beam is a load bearing member of the structure. Sitting near or under exposed beam causes stress and load on one's mind. Important decisions should not be taken while sitting under beam. The beams can be concealed by creating a false ceiling. There can be a light on the beam to dilute the effect. According to Feng Shui, wind chimes with hollow bamboo pipes at either end of the beam are also said to balance the disturbed elements.

Heavy furniture can be set against the south and west walls (and if need against east walls), not touching them.

The colour of the walls and the tiles can be white, yellow, blue or green. As far as possible, it should not be red or black.

Chandelier should not be fixed right in the center of the room, but can be slightly towards the west, reason being that central part should not have any heavy weight in the central area.

Coolers or air-conditioners should be in the west and not in the south-east section. The television should be in the southeast corner. As far as possible T.V. should not be in the north-east or the south-west corner.

The sitting arrangement of the head of the family should be facing the east or in the north direction. The telephone should not be in the south-west or the north-west corners. It should be in the east or in the south-east or in the north.

Portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room. The north wall of the living room can have paintings/pictures of waterfalls. The east wall can have a painting of the rising sun. The south and west walls can have paintings of high rise mountains with heavy plant life and similar paintings that denote strength.

Furniture of this room and arrangement of furniture should be square or rectangular. Avoid circular, triangular, egg shaped, hexagonal or odd shapes.

Above any of the entrance doors on the inside of the room no photographs of any God should be displayed.

The living room should be close to the entry and should reflect a positive energy. Good family feelings and friends should circulate in this area.

Make sure that main door is visible to visitors, while sitting in this room.

Place few favorite pictures of your family in the living / family room. Playing soft music in the living room also increase its energy.

Living room means Live-in room. Use this room. Spend good time here as it is in the heart center of your home.

It is good if the ceiling slopes down toward the northeast direction.

Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North, East and North-East of living room.

Prayer Room

The prayer (pooja) room should be in the east, north or north-east corner.

The prayer (pooja) room should never be in the bedroom. Do not keep idol of more than 9 inch size in home prayer room.

All the material related to pooja room should be kept in the southeast of the room

Any item, showpiece, idols of god etc. removed from pooja room for any reason should not be kept elsewhere in the house, and should be properly merged in a river.

Pooja room should always be on the ground floor and never in the basement.

Kitchen/ Dining

Kitchen should be in the southeast portion of the house. The main entrance to the kitchen should be in the north, east or in the northeast direction.

The second best position is the North West corner. Never have a kitchen in the North East portion or the central portion of the home (Brahmsthan).

There should be no toilets adjoining, above or below the kitchen.

The lady should face east while cooking, for it brings good health to her. Cooking in north is also alright. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies; while cooking with the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family.

If the family is having meals in the kitchen then they should never face south while eating. This can lead to stomach problems.

The cooking platform should not touch the wall but should be placed at least 8 cm (3 inches) from the wall.

Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen and should not be visible to the naked eyes from the outside. Hence always shield the kitchen from the outsiders.

Gas Cylinder should be kept in south-east. Empty Cylinder should be kept in south-west.

Big windows and ventilators should be in the east direction, while smaller windows should be in south. Exhaust fan should be installed on the eastern wall in the south-east corner.

It's best to have the kitchen sink in the northeast direction. If there is a dishwasher in the kitchen then place it in the northwest side of the kitchen. Drinking water and water filter should be placed in the northeast direction.

There should be abundant use of green in the kitchen. For example green granite for flooring or green pictures. This helps improve the appetite of the family members and also promotes peace and harmony in the house.

If the refrigerator is a part of the kitchen then place it in the southwest direction. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be put on the eastern walls in the southeast corner. Other electrical appliances like microwave can be put in the southeast corner.

If possible, the cooking gas and the washing sink should not be kept very close to each other. The logic being fire and water always repel each other.

The cooking stove should not be visible to the naked eyes from the outside. Hence always shield the kitchen from the outsiders.

There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen. This affects the money flow.

If you have cabinets in the northeast side then use it for storing light things only. If your kitchen has overhead storage cupboards then avoid having them over the cooking range.

East, south or west portion of the house are for the dining rooms.

The dining table, preferably a rectangular one should be so arranged that the master of the house, or his wife or eldest son occupies the south of south-west or west of south-west chair in the room.

The kitchen should always receive natural air and sunlight.

If the kitchen is adjoining a bedroom, the wall between them should be thicker than other walls.


The master bedroom should be in the south-west area of the house. This room can be used by father or the eldest son in the family. The children's bedrooms should be in the northwest or west. Guest bedrooms are best located in the northwest corner, but can also be located in the northeast corner.

If there are more than one floors, the head of the family (elder person) should have a bedroom on the upper floor and in the south-west corner. This room should never be used as a bedroom of young children.

Beds should be placed so as the head of the person should be in south or east direction. South is the best direction to sleep. Positive magnetic energy comes from the north. The blood in your body contains iron, making your body magnetic with the positive polarity in your head. When you sleep with your head to the north, these two positive polarities repel each other, disrupting the flow of blood and affecting your sleep and health.

Removing clutter in your bedroom creates serenity and will help you feel more efficient and function optimally. Clutter, especially under your bed, weighs you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past, which does not allow for forward progress. It is advisable to use bed without box. Still if box bed exist, keep stuffs that has nothing to do with past and is regularly used (e.g. Blankets, bed sheets).

The beds should never be placed under the joint in roof or under a beam. The beds should always be kept away from the walls.

A bed made of wood is the best. Avoid using bed of rot iron, steel etc.

The best position for the bed is a position from where anyone entering or leaving the bedroom is within full view of the occupants on the bed. Care should be taken to place the bed in such a way that the foot of the bed does not face the door.

At night it is advisable to keep bedroom lit lightly. A night bulb will do. Never keep the bedroom pitch dark.

Southwest corner of the bedroom should never be left empty, always keep heavy things, furniture etc. in this portion in every room as a general rule of Vastu.

If any cabinets of almirahs are constructed/placed in the bedroom, which contain valuable documents, cash, jewelry etc., it should be in the south-west of the room opening towards north.

An attached bathroom to the bedroom can be to the north-west or south-east of the room.

If one is to study in the bedroom, the east side should be used.

Avoid keeping a TV in the bedroom. If a TV is kept, it should never be in front of bed, as it works as a mirror and keeping a mirror in front of bed generates negative energy.

Walls in the bedroom should have soothing and light colors such as light rose, blue and green.

Happy family pictures should be displayed in bedroom to enhance positive energy of the room.

Having a mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed can disturb your sleep. You throw off stress during the time you sleep and a mirror will hold the stress and reflect it back to you when you wake up once you sit up in bed. Move the mirror or cover it at night for more restful and replenishing sleep. Care should be taken to place it in such a way that no part of the body is visible in the mirror when the person is lying down.

Finally, your bedroom should be a place where you can totally relax. So it is a good idea to keep objects that remind you of unfinished tasks out of the room, or at least out of sight.

Toilet/ Bathroom:

The east portion of the house is best for constructing a bathroom. The morning rays of the Sun are believed to be extremely beneficial for health, hence proper windows should be provided in the bathroom.

The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the north-east side of the bathroom.

Toilets should to be in the northwest of the house/building. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the northeast of the building.

When it has to be an attached toilet, let it be to the northwest side of the room. The second alternative is the southeast of the building or room.

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